Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

I’m not a professional basketball player. I don’t even watch basketball on television. If you’ll gonna ask me about who is my favorite basketball player I will answer you nothing. Just one thing I know is I love playing it.

During my high school and college life I thought joining in sport activities will be too hard me. It’s because I got easily breath in short gasps after exertion, like running in just a minute. So all throughout my childhood and teenage life I avoided putting myself in activities that needs too much exertion except when it is necessary.

Until I realized this year how important is exercise for my health. Yes I know it’s important when I was a nursing student before, but the problem is I do not apply it to myself. But it’s not too late to begin for a change right?

Here are the top 5 benefits of exercise that I like most:
1. It's good for the heart. Exercise reduces LDL cholesterol, the kind that clogs arteries.

2. Exercise promotes weight loss. Research has shown that to manage weight, you should exercise energetically for at least 30 minutes a day.

3. Exercise is an excellent de-stressor. Exercise acts as a temporary diversion to daily stresses and it improves self-esteem.

4. Exercise prevents colds. Health experts believe that exercise spikes the immune system for a few hours each day, helping to ward off colds.

5. Exercise has anti-ageing effects. Recent literature suggests that the greatest threat to health is not the aging process itself, but rather inactivity.

It’s been almost 3 months that I don’t play basketball because of my busy schedule and laziness. But I really missed the feeling that while playing all of my stress is moving out of my body one by one. So yesterday I invited a friend to play with me right after work. I didn’t wear make-up cause I know it will just vanish when I got sweaty. 


I’m just a newbie so I don’t know the rules and tactics about playing basketball. Luckily my friend taught me somehow. Dribbling and shooting the ball is my favorite part. Even though I‘m not a shooter I really enjoyed it. All parts of my body produced sweat. And I know for sure that most of my clogged arteries have been unclogged after I play. Whew! I’m planning to play this again in a regular basis.

After the play I ate one of my favorite, the hot lugaw with tokwa!

That’s it for now, ba-bye. Be right back

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