Phyto Trim 12 Weeks Weight Loss Challenge

As much as I want to make a blog post everyday, I still find it hard to maintain. Please bear with me for now if I'm so slow in making a blog post. It's already 3 nights that I sleep earlier than before. My body is auto recharging my loss energy from those sleepless nights. Heavy rain is also a plus factor. 

The rainy season is really my weakness. It makes me lazy to take a bath. *haha* In relation to that, I had a bad dream yesterday late in the afternoon. It's still raining in my dream and all the people there wants me to get wet. I think my dream wants me to get up on my bed and take a bath.

Medical Caravan at Figaro Starmall, Las Pinas City

Hi! I just finished watching Eight Below. After watching I wanna own a dog too.  Have you watched it too? Moving on to the topic of this post, yesterday we conducted a Medical Caravan at Figaro Starmall, Las Pinas City.

Have a Heart Check Up for Only 3 Minutes! - PMT

Did you remember when was the day I played basketball? Yup that was 2 days ago and I told you that was unplanned. There was a story behind that day that pushed me to stand away on my working chair and move my body.

It’s almost 2 weeks that I've been experiencing palpitation even when I do nothing. So inside the clinic I checked-up myself using the PhytoMax Pulse Monitor. If you don’t know what is PhytoMax Pulse Monitor just click here. By the way I’m currently working as a nurse in PhytoPharma Inc. I am trained in using the machine and also on interpreting the result to the client. 

As I said I checked-up myself then after 3 minutes I got shocked with my result. I made a retest to verify if it's really Type 3 but unfortunately I got the same result. On my previous tests my result just fall on between Type 1 and Type 2 only.

There are 7 types of result, Type 1 means excellent, 2 good, 3 aging start, 4 caution, 5 poor, 6 very poor and Type 7 means at risk (worst result). So what type I got? I got Type 3 for the first time within 4 months of consulting myself on the machine. So here’s my snap photo of my PhytoMax Test result.

Phytomax Pulse Monitor

If you’re on a medical field you can easily relate to this book – the Philippine Pharmaceutical Directory also known as PPD. PPD is a drug directory used by the doctors on-the-go, medical and other healthcare students and interns, and people who value their health. It's also a directory of medical devices and supplies.

And let me introduce to you one of the newest medical device that is included in PPD - the Phytomax Pulse Monitor. 

Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

I’m not a professional basketball player. I don’t even watch basketball on television. If you’ll gonna ask me about who is my favorite basketball player I will answer you nothing. Just one thing I know is I love playing it.

During my high school and college life I thought joining in sport activities will be too hard me. It’s because I got easily breath in short gasps after exertion, like running in just a minute. So all throughout my childhood and teenage life I avoided putting myself in activities that needs too much exertion except when it is necessary.

Until I realized this year how important is exercise for my health. Yes I know it’s important when I was a nursing student before, but the problem is I do not apply it to myself. But it’s not too late to begin for a change right?

Here are the top 5 benefits of exercise that I like most: